Newspapers are widely acknowledged as being one of the most important footfall drivers in the retail grocery trade. The habitual purchase nature brings in regular shoppers on a daily basis leading to sales of additional products. As a result the newspaper category carries an importance over and above the basic retail value of its sales.

As the exclusive wholesaler for the majority of leading daily, Sunday and provincial newspapers in Ireland, Newspread is an essential partner for any retailer wishing to provide a newsagency offering to its customers. In addition, a good range of market leading magazines is essential to any newsagency business and as the exclusive wholesaler for most of the leading Irish magazines, Newspread is perfectly positioned to provide you with the range of market leading titles your business needs.

With Ireland’s most comprehensive distribution network, delivering to over 6,000 retailers nationwide every day, our focus is on providing the quality of service to enable you to optimise the performance of this most important category within your store.


Newspread endorses and is fully committed to upholding the principles
of COPPI (Code of Practice for the Press Industry).
For details on COPPI click here .

Managing Your Newspapers & Magazines:

Newspread Retailer Website

More and more retailers are now enjoying the benefits of using the Newspread website to manage the news and magazines category and the number of users is growing every day. The retailer website enables you to:

  • Adjust standing orders for magazines and newspapers
  • Order new titles and other products from Newspread
  • Check daily delivery notes and credit notes
  • Check recall documents
  • View sales history for all titles supplied by Newspread
  • View old and current invoices
  • Check barcodes and RRPs for a range of titles
  • Check recall dates and unsolds cut-off dates
  • Report discrepancies in deliveries or returns credits

Customer Service

As part of our aim to provide a top quality service to our customers, Newspread operates a very well resourced Customer Service Call Centre where our agents are available to deal with any queries or requests you may have. Our Call Centre performance is closely monitored to ensure the service levels meet our required standards. Number of calls answered, average speed of answer, call duration and other measures give us a clear indication of the performance level of the Call Centre on an hourly basis. Where circumstances give rise to a large increase in call volumes (e.g. late production on a daily or Sunday newspaper) we have the flexibility to immediately respond with additional call centre agents. In addition, voicemails, faxes and e-mails are all monitored on an hourly basis to ensure no backlog builds up. Our call centre opening hours are as follows:

Mon-Fri: 07:00 to 16:00
Saturday: 07:00 to 13:00
Sunday: 07:00 to 13:00

To contact Newspread Customer Service Call Centre

Rep. of Ireland
Northern Ireland
Post to:
Newspread Limited,
Unit B,
West Cork Technology Park,
Co. Cork
Phone: 023-886 3850 0845 491 6527
Fax: 023-886 3855 0845 491 6528